The Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) operates five county jails: the Intake Release Center (IRC), Central Men’s Jail (CMJ), Central Women’s Jail (CWJ), Theo Lacy Facility (Theo Lacy) and James A. Musick Facility (Musick). The James A. Musick Facility has been vacant and non-operational since July 2019.


Average daily population of OC jail system (July 2020): 2,800


If we account for the four jails in operation (IRC, CMJ, CWJ and Theo), the OC jail system is operating at 70% capacity.


If we factor in Musick’s rated capacity prior to its 2019 closure, the OC jail system is operating at 53% capacity. The rated capacity of the five jails prior to 2019 was roughly 5,300.


If we factor in what the rated capacity for Musick would be if it is expanded, the OC jail system would be operating at 45% capacity. The rated capacity of the five jails post-expansion would be roughly 6,200.

Breakdown of construction and construction related costs:

  • Construction: $261 million
  • Construction contingency: $13 million
  • Construction management: $4 million
  • Owner-controlled insurance program: $5.8 million
  • Irvine Ranch Water District: $3.6 million
  • One-time startup: $1.5 million
  • Utilities fees: $400,000
  • Annual operating costs: $61.5 million

On May 5, the Orange County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a construction contract with Bernards Bros., Inc. and amended a contract with Vanir Construction Management, Inc. to expand the vacant James A. Musick Facility.

From 2008 to 2020, the OC Board of Supervisors more than doubled the amount of taxpayer money they directly control, also known as discretionary funds, to the OC Sheriff’s Department while reducing the amount of discretionary funding to the OC Health Care and Social Services agencies.

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